Who We Are

Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) is the local counterpart of the global Earth Day Network International. EDNPI is a non-stock and non-profit network organization with more than 2,000 members including private corporations, government agencies, non-government organizations, academic institutions, religious groups, and environmental advocates. EDNPI campaigns for responsible environmental citizenship, implementing multiple environmental programs in collaboration with its sponsors and partners. (Learn More)


Uniting with Corporate Sponsors for Mother Earth

As we continue to fulfill our environmental mission through our programs, we are proud to say that the successes of our environmental programs are the fruits of our unity with corporate sponsors who share the same mission. More than just for mutual benefit, this unity allowed our corporate partners to realize their greater potential and go beyond their limits. Together, let us fulfill our shared mission of protecting Mother Earth. Be a sponsor now.

Inspirational Stories with Sponsors

Be inspired by stories on the fruits of the unity of EDNPI and corporations with the same environmental mission.

Read their inspirational stories: