Coca Cola - Bringing Water of Hope to Rural Communities

Coca Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. supports the company's global commitment to replenish every drop of water that is used for the production of beverages back to the community and our environment. This is the mission of Coca Cola in terms of water stewardship, and Coca Cola Foundation operationalizes this in the Philippines through Agos Ram Pump, a program that continues to build ramp pumps in different provinces to bring clean water to rural areas in the Philippines, implemented as part of their partnership with Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI).

As EDNPI's partner, Coca Cola Foundation participates in ProEarthRun and in the annual Earth Day activities; but the core of this partnership is the Agos Ram Pump. And this noble partnership emanated from Coca Cola's water stewardship advocacy and commitment to sustainability, and from how they saw EDNPI as "a leader advocating for work for conservation of our Earth's resources," as shared Ms. Maria Cecilla Alcantara, President of Coca Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. Companies and institutions part of the network learn from each other and take action together; and for Coca Cola Foundation, their relationship with EDNPI "allowed us to learn more on the other things that we can do for the environment," as added by Ms. Alcantara. And what drives Coca Cola Foundation to pursue their proactive response to their advocacy is their belief that unity and collaboration is the key to protecting our one Earth for the current and future generations.