Annual Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is celebrated around the world every April 22, bringing together the different sectors of the society for a common purpose, and strenghtening their environmental advocacies. In Philippines, Earth Day celebrations have a uniform theme "Earth Day Everyday, Everywhere, for Everyone".


Alarmed by the extent of environmental degradation in the USA in 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, saw the need to bring the environment into the national agenda. Twenty million Americans took to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy and sustainable world. Thus begun the Annual Earth Day celebrations.

In 1990, the celebration became global. More than 100 countries participated. Countries were free to pursue whatever priority environmental issue they wanted to focus on and how they would celebrate April 22 as Earth Day.

In 1999, to prepare for the 30 years anniversary of the celebration, the international secretariat called on its global partners to formally organize local Earth Day Networks to show that various sectors of society were working together to achieve one common goal.

Since April 22, 2000, Earth Day celebrations have become more focused and more coordinated. While different groups are still encouraged to carry on with their respective advocacies, their efforts are made known to others so that synergies are developed for greater impact. Thousands of Earth Day activities take place worldwide, and more than a billion people around the globe celebrate Earth Day each year.


With the issuance of Proclamation No. 1481, Earth Day on April 22 is now a permanent environmental celebration in Philippines. Earth Day Network Philippines Secretariat serves as the coordinating body for all Earth Day celebrations and events in the country, bringing together government, civil society, businesses, churches, and academic institutions to appeal to the Filipino people that Environmental Security is the highest form of National Security.

More than the celebration, this is the most important work of EDNP Secretariat: the gathering together, for a common purpose, the different sectors of society!

Over the past twelve (12) years where EDNPI handled the Secretariat, the following are the themes of the Annual Celebration:

Earth Day 2000 - "New Leaf, New Life"
Earth Day 2001 - "Green Vote"
Earth Day 2002 - "Inang Kalikasan, Suportahan Ta Ka"
Earth Day 2003 - "R.A. 9003 Urgent: Do not delay"
Earth Day 2004 - "Let the Healing Begin"
Earth Day 2005 - "GREEN CHECK: Stop Earth Abuse"
Earth Day 2006 - "Mea Culpa Mother Earth"
Earth Day 2007 - "The Environment & the Youth"
Earth Day 2008 - "Water is Life"
Earth Day 2009 - "Tubig at Lupa Buhayin, Hangin Linisin, Batas Tuparin" Earth Day 2010 - "Hamon ng Panahon: Climate Change; Sampung Milyung Solusyon"
Earth Day 2011 - "Earth Day Everyday"

Since 2012, the Earth Day Philippine celebrations have a uniform theme, "Earth Day Everyday, Everywhere for Everyone". Local organizations may opt to adopt a focus in the celebration to strengthen their advocacies.