Free Food Co - Doing Business for Higher Cause

Free Food Co. is a local company that produces organic coconut sap sugar, and chocolates made with organic coconut sap sugar and cacao bought from Davao farmers. What makes the business stand out, aside from how they do fair trade business with farmers and helping the people organize into a community, is Free Food Co.'s business model of teaming up with Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) in forming an Earth Day Village in the province, where environmental practices are discussed and taught to farmers and other people within the community, and where "Meatless Monday" is strongly advocated (Meatless Monday is an advocacy encouraging people to eat non-meat meal at least once a week to help reduce the carbon footprint produced by meat industries).

But what inspired Free Food Co. to pursue all these? This goes back to the encounter of Mr. Petteri Makitalo, co-founder and CEO of Free Food Co., with the members of EDNPI and the NGOs founder "Ninang" Odette Alcantara, who then motivated the company to start and continue their proactivity through her important message: "The best way to improve the environment is to increase our consciousness." Since then until now, Free Food Co. and EDNPI discuss on how to increase the environmental consciousness of people, and promote businesses that are earth friendly and that support environmental consciousness.

EDNPI helped Free Food Co. realize, embrace, and act towards EDNPI's corporate philosophy of doing business for higher cause other than just for profit, through helping the company create pro-environment management processes. And as Mr. Makitalo proudly claims, what Free Food Co. has gained from this noble partnership, other than having their business be sustainable, is "a reputation of being very committed to doing business an environmental way".